Sorry Sony, to see that stores still have stock at all with as little of units that shipped to them proves that this is a flop. No long lines, no fights broke out, nobody really camped out, nothing but a quiet fizzle. VR came out on the 13th right? Normal even moderate selling items sell out the first 24 hours. Here we have a one still sitting on the shelf 3 days after launch. This doesn’t vote well for the push of VR to people. Don’t say I didn’t say so.VR represent everything that is opposite of where this generation of gamers are going. Gamers are about socially connecting with others and being apart of the world. VR is for isolating oneself away from the world. VR is also about a bunch of wires tethering you to your console. This generation hasn’t seen wired connectivity in years. We are use to Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. Basically everything PS4 VR isn’t. Then on top of that is the price. Yes, it’s cheaper than others but this doesn’t make this price good. Most people don’t care enough about this to pay the price they spent on their console to have a mask on their face.

 Finally the games or should I say demos are the biggest hurdle. What is the point in VR when the games suck. I don’t care how many reviewers push high scores to try and sell you on the world of VR. The bottom line is that VR games are really just tech Demos compared to the level of AI and real deep gameplay that has been shown in games like Witcher 3, Halo, Destiny, or an Uncharted. Games where you have floating hands that can pick up and throw things just don’t cut it. The level of graphics seen a 4K tv upconverting compared to a VR headset that can’t actually do real 1080p graphics(Has to go half and half) is a joke. We have a standard nowadays and I’m sorry, too much about VR doesn’t meant those standards. It’s sad really.