Just a quick update on the Best Wireless earphones available on the market. The term “Best wireless earphones” is what I want to address here. More and more I see these earphones being described like this. The term, while true, only tells half the story. When you factor that this earphones can be purchased for $79 with this amazing sound you start to make another comparisons. Is this just the best wireless earphone on the market or is this the best earphone on the market period, wireless or wired? I say it is. When you take into view that it’s successor only adds a app and different colors and the Jay Bird Freedoms offer only a smaller version with less battery life you start to see what you have. Sound is the key. Nothing exist to my knowledge on the market that is even within a $400 pricetag offering a better sound quality.

One piece of needed advice.. Don’t use the comply tips if you care about good bass and great seal. The comply tips do the opposite of what they are designed to do. Wearing them made my music sound cold and lifeless and outside sound was present still. Only with the standard tips do you get that great seal you need with sound isolation which give you that bass. 

Yes I’m sure there are plenty that come close but when you examine them they don’t have the same quality and level offered with this these. Either they will have less bass punch, less sound stage, or less fit and stability. There just isn’t any other options giving you a better package. It doesn’t matter if it’s directly plugged in or not, there’s just no equal if you have the right tips and pads for your ears. So I submit that the label of best “wireless” earphones on the market only gives half credit to this amazing product. The Jaybird X2 are the best sounding Earphones you can find under $400 and most people won’t go over $400 for earphones searching.