Well I guess this was not a surprise to anyone who have been seeing my post on twitter or this site but I thought I would make it official. Once I got the black version and my wife heard them for herself she wanted a pair. This earphone is so much of a steal at $79 that I got another pair. I went with the Neon Green version they call “Charge”. So I gave my wife my black version. She didn’t want the green or white ones but deep down the green one were standouts in my opinion and I looked for them at the store but didn’t find them. So I got them from Amazon. This time it didn’t take me long at all to get them adjusted with the right tips, wings, and the cord setting for my head size. 

I notice that mine didn’t take anywhere as long as my black version. In fact as I recharged my black versions for my wife because I used it today, I charged my Green color X2 and they finished at the same time. One was completely dead while the other was only used for about 1.5 hours. I’m not sure if thats because the charge cable that came with the Neon Green X2 was longer while the black version was much shorter. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. Tomorrow will be a full day with them but I have no doubt they will perform well and hold up just as well. These earphones are so good guys that I have given them to my wife. This says it all really. I never rebuy the same product for my wife and I to have a piece if that product has not fully convinced me of its worth.