There is no secret that I love my X2’s. They are the very best I’ve heard to date. The crisp sounds in the highs, the mids, and the amazing deep bass that rivals even Beats, there is no wonder why I can’t stop talking about them. Even my wife has her own now after listening to mine. But these earphones are only as good as you make them, literally. 

Everything that it comes with shows they tried to think about everyone’s different sizes and types of comforts. These are important to remember when you buy the earphones. Even I myself thought about returning them after about 5 minutes of trying on different combos of wings and tips until I found the right one. I couldn’t believe just how much a difference the right combo made. Even today I found a small adjustment that made my experience even more than it had been. So trust me it can take some sit down time for you to find the correct combo to get the absolute best fit and sound. Even when you think you got it right there might be one more adjustment that could make things even better. Don’t assume because you found mediums fit better than large tips this applies to the wings too. It doesn’t. My set is medium plastic tips with small wings. At first, I thought going with medium everything was fine but I was wrong. Yours might be different but this is why I urge you to try different combos before you settle. However, there is one thing I will say that seems to be consistent. It’s with the comply tips….

If you want and love bass don’t use these tips at all. You will do yourself a favor and just toss them in the trash the moment you get them open. Now I’m not saying this is for everyone because there are a lot of people that like that flat sound effect. I don’t so I couldn’t take the comply tips in any size. It was just a dead hollow lifeless sound for me when I had these tips in. I need very good bass with crisp highs and mids and I wasn’t going to get that with comply tips. 

Lastly is the cord. Having the cord hanging or off your neck can make a difference in your sound and comfort level while wearing the earphones. You might not think that it does but it truly does. And after about 2 hours straight of wearing these while running or walking you will know what I mean. 

They can fit like this regularly, hanging down your back or neck(left side image). It might not bother you at all, then again it might. For those of you that don’t like things bouncing constantly on their skin then there is the surefit way(right side image). This is how I wear mine and I love this feel the most. Wrapping them around the back of my head so they don’t move or bounce makes the fit in my ear even more secure. So the more secure they are the less you have to adjust them to make the sound and seal be what you want. So there you go.. a tip about the wear options of the Jaybirds X2’s . I hope this helps everyone in their purchasing of these earphones.