It’s becoming a running joke. To think I once considered getting this system almost scares me. It’s like they can’t help but lie to people and fanboys jump right into things head first thinking they are going to get something they aren’t. No AAA real title will run at native 4K on the PS4 pro. Now that this fact has become accepted they had to come up with some other way to hype up their ugly system. Fact is, Sony has 8.4 teraflops when using only 16 bit for gaming ONLY aka Indie games not 32 bit like all real AAA. As one commit said about the announcement,

“if the PS4 pro really had legit 8.4 teraflops then why would they need checkerboard upscaling to make subpar 4K resolutions?”

They wouldn’t! Don’t be stupid people, don’t let Sony get away with misleading crap like this and wasteful words like “checker-boarding” to describe a system that just simply upscales to 4K, just like the better buy system, the Xbox one s already has. Yes, all their talk and all their examples are nomore than examples of HDR and upscaling vs standard PS4 resolutions, no matter how many words they use to make it seem more than what it is. This same difference rest with the Xbox one S a vs regular Xbox’s. Take NBA 2k17 HDR vs none HDR 2k17 and you will see the same examples in its graphics and detail. It’s not some magic that only the Playatation Pro will do like the media and even game makers are trying to make you think. Use your head people. Now if Sony wants to say they are in the same position as the Xbox one S without the blur ray then yes this would be the truth. Will they help games reach better frame rate? Yes it will. This could be a really good reason to be happy and I can respect that. But don’t feed me lies and crap and expect me to support it.