I’m so sick of the LIES. Sony used to be respected by me when they came out with the PS4. I actually planned to buy the Neo which is called the Pro now. I really thought having both consoles latest and greatest was the right move. I either was going to keep the Xbox one S or trade it for the Scorpio and have it side by side with the PRo. But every single day that went by with lies from Sony and misdirection from even developers themselves made me sick to even think about being apart of that ecosystem again. People wake up, everything Sony claims is misdirection and lies. They are the biggest lying company I have ever seen. And people just let them get away with it because they can’t think for themselves. Sony gives us a list of games that will be work on the pro and will be 4K( leaving out the Upscaling word of course). News Flash people…The Xbox One S upscales Everything to 4k…every single game and even every single source including the TV source ran through it

Another lie Sony is pushing off to make you think you are getting something different is the use of HDR. Everything they claim about texture and shading  is nothing more than the same advantages the Xbox one S has with HDR games. So if the third party game comes out with HDR it will be HDR on the Xbox one S as well. It’s not because there is some special programming being done only if you have a PS4 pro, so let’s stop the lies please!!!! I hope the Xbox one S/Scorpio destroys the Sony camp now and will not buying another console from such a lying company. I hate lying people!!