Dear Iphone..

    I would love to take this time and thank you for all that you have done to make my life easier. You have made task that normal smartphones would find difficult, easy. There is truly about a billion reasons why you are the number one smartphone type in the world. While you don’t have flashy jumps in revolutionary features anymore, the features you do have are so well done and perfect for the operation of your smartphone and ecosystem it’s almost as though they were designed for the iPhone even though others had them prior. Whatever you touch works, whatever you add becomes better on your system, and whatever you change seems to be for the better. My earphones work better with your smartphone, my apps work better with your smartphone, and best of all you look darn good while sporting them with your millions of accessories only made for your smartphone.  Since the 6s and now the iPhone 7 plus 5.5 size is the perfect size for me. It gives me the space I need to work and play. I can get by with this size for ereading, watching movies, web surfing, and editing. Your battery life seems to finally be on par as well and now I can go two days almost on a single charge. So Apple thank you! Thank you for designing the best iPhone to date again. Most importantly, thanks for the best smartphone period. The world first true Smartphone is still the best after all these years.