“PS4 pro version will have Native 4K resolution running at 60 FPS with HDR support.”

What we have now is something completely different. Can I or others get mad at Sony Fanboys for claiming things about the PS4 pro that we believe as false?  Normally we can but in strange cases like this above we can’t. Sometimes things don’t add up but we can’t blame the fans for false information that is backed up buy third parties who have no real stake in the hardware. Now on paper and in math, it doesn’t make common sense that the PS4 pro can do native 4K, let alone 4K/60hz. Everything believed up to this point says its power isn’t strong enough to do this. To be clear we aren’t taking about 4K upscaling here like find on the Xbox one S. According to 2k sports this is native 4K at 60hz. This something never seen on console to date and wasn’t suppose to be there until the Scorpio release. However, from all reports confirmed by other sources this isn’t a mistake by this company,the company has given this quote and had chances at changing it but hasn’t up to this point. If native 4K is possible on NBA 2k17 then it’s possible on more titles, how…nobody truly understands. And if possible, this changes things for the time being at least. Not only does this put Xbox back under the gun as far as power but it produces a feeling of uneasiness because on top of all this, what we have is specific versions of a third party games that are suppose to be neutral. They aren’t suppose to be producing and giving advantages to Sony over Xbox on purpose. This makes people feel that they better get the PS4 Pro because of these advantages. Third party games like Watchdogs 2, FIFA 17, Battlefield 1, Dues Ex, Mass Effect Andromeda, and NBA 2k17 all producing and delivering an experience advantage over the competition on purpose with many others to follow. There is difference in a game being produced at 1080p and the hardware upscaling it vs a game design being digital modified at it core to have higher resolutions, textures , and frame rate before the hardware ever touches it. 

If developers aren’t seeing things like this why not come out and explain that, but they aren’t. This is just not one game running a little better than the other, these are purposeful adjustment these developers are making and advertising about, that are going to come across as to say “buy the PS4 pro”. The only backing the third party developers gave Microsoft came from 2k sports when they added HDR to NBA 2k17. Now, when you see what they are doing for PS4 pro, you have to wonder if this was merely something they announced because they knew they were going to have this for the PS4 pro. As a neutral party who wanted both systems but was feed up with what I precieved as lies, I now see that some of this falls on information from developers, not Sony, to be fair.  Even if Sony says they can do things they can’t, this by no means forces 3rd party developers to feed into the lies. If it’s true or false we can’t blame Sony for it once the developer comes out and says it. This falls on the shoulders the developers who allowed us to believe the false information(if it is false).  If it’s true I do hate it for Microsoft. But again this is why I wanted to have both at first then changed my mind. Now, I might just have to reconsider this in light of things. Again, if this was a first party title I’m all fine with this being done but my third party games being produced, supported, and advertised with the sole purpose of delivering a better experience to only one console over others leaves me with no choice but to make sure my bases are covered. Do I like this idea? No, absolutely not. It’s not very supportive of market and competition, it only helps one company succeed and that’s a problem.