There is no another way to say this. No matter what you buy there will be another. Something bigger and better always just around the corner. Sooner or later you have to pick your battles and be a little smarter with purchases and choices. If you don’t you repeat until you destroy your life or make it your god. Everytime I thought about getting the PS4 pro something inside me just couldn’t compute it.  I’m not saying this should be the same for others but Games rule for me. I have the top 8 games for 2016 with only one more in my sight, Watchdogs 2. I had the PS4 pro order and waiting on me but I have canceled my order. Why? Because I really have everything I want in gaming in one eco system except for one game, baseball. In order to add another system I would basically have to buy these same 8 games all over again, adding a whopping $300+ on the $400 already asked for. So basically $700-$800 would need to be spent when you add all the games. So, I just don’t agree that this amount of money is worth it just to have a little better screen resolution for the next 11 months(if any). 

Going all in on one eco system makes sense, especially at my age. Once True 4K comes out with The Scorpio then we will consider the next stop but keeping my games and completing my collection is my priority for this year. Adding a PS4 pro back into the mix without at least 9-10 games I don’t own on it’s format that I have for Xbox one S isn’t my idea of smart spending. I’m one game away from a perfect year of gaming once I add Watchdogs 2, I just can’t see myself throwing that away just so I have the PS4 pro. There is smart spending and then there is careless spending. For me, buying a console with as many asterix as this console on top of what it doesn’t have and the sure amount of money I would need to spend on top of it to get the games I already have yet again is stupidity. I’m not doing this! I would rather wait for the Scorpio as planned. So nice try Sony and the gaming market that pushes for people to buy the Pro. You almost had me, thank God common sense kicked back in. If anything I will put my money into finishing my PC build and honoring my promise to my son for his own Xbox one S of which he choose as well over the PS4 pro.