Questions about which console is the most powerful has now been put to rest based on the developers. According to all of them the PS4 pro is the most powerful console that will be on the market (until the Scorpio hits that is). Everyone is developing for this thing. And when I say developing I mean giving advantages. Companies that aren’t first party that are normally neutral are now not. They all are backing up all the things Sony has said about the Pro and its power. I still wonder why and how this is good for business, but that’s just me. 

While the Xbox one S is a very gorgeous unit and the best buy for the money, Sony can at least for the next year say they are the most powerful after 3 months of failure in sales compared to the Xbox one S. They will have the eye candy. The developers are claiming this has not been seen before. But for me and possibly others in the Xbox one S zone, there is still so much unknown especially when compared to what we have in the Xbox one S with the same HDR functions and upscaling 4K like what I have below…. 

I really wonder how much better you can do if one already has a capable console with the right tv. I,myself, can’t see things looking better than I have right now. And if it does, is it $400 better, especially with the absence of a 4K player drive and 1tb missing from the hard drive space when compared to the Xbox one S?

Another issue I have is reliability. There is no doubt in most minds that Sony rushed this system. With rushed systems comes problems. Digital foundery already made their concerns known about this very thing and they promote more PlayStation than Xbox. For the early adaptors, this is all too common for the regulars. We are use to the wait for fixes seen. Everything from games that crashes, noisy systems, overheating and network failures are a very high possibility. So, be prepared if you are an early adaptor. And for Heaven’s sake get the extended warranty. You’ll thank me later.