The one thing Microsoft has shown consistently is that they know how to give you more for your money. They have been the trend setters for cost and game give aways for a while now. Some might say it’s because they are loosing the overall console war. I frankly don’t care why it’s being done. I’m benefiting from it so if Sony is the reason, then thank you Sony. The reason doesn’t remove the existence of it. So others can focus on that if they choose, I have better things to do with my spare time. Deals like this are the reason I decided not to buy the PS4 on the 10th because my son wanted my Xbox one S. So instead of spending more money on Sony and games for the 2017 year that I don’t own on its plateform, I decided to buy him his own Xbox one S and just have two in the house since Microsoft has this great thing called family share. That’s how much I’m impressed with Microsoft. Now my situation might not be yours and my thoughts might not be yours either. So I’m not saying to others this is the path they should follow. But it’s the one I picked and I’m so happy I did. So thanks Microsoft and Sony(if that’s needed). I don’t care why, I’m just happy I have deals like this.