I knew something felt off about this unit. Months of info kept saying that the developers had to send a patch, over and over for 4K upscaling. It never dawned unto me that this was absolutely needed for the game to up upscale period. I just assumed that every other system Xbox has had upscales natively anything that is played through it. The PS4 Pro however can’t do this. So literally, the game developers dictate the worth of the PS4 Pro. Unlike Microsoft who automatically upscales everything played through it without a patch from the developer, Sony rushed and left this ability out and now needs to have a software to do what the Xbox One S already does for all its games even your tv signal. This is turning out to be the most complex system ever made. You have no consistency happening, so many Asterix I don’t know what to believe or expect. What I do know is that if one adds up all advantages vs disadvantages and complications you don’t end up with a favorable verdict.