Someone please tell me what is the big deal here. Look at the image above. Can you really blame any PS4 owner for not buying into this hype? In fact, for me, the image to left is more detailed and cleaner while the Pro tries to blur things or make thing soft looking when it doesn’t need to be. Now granted, I don’t own a PS4 pro but you have got to do better than this I would think. How can you honestly believe most people would rebuy their systems for this little of a difference and possibly worse if you like more cleaner looks over softening light techniques. But the average person won’t see any difference here to be honest and I think this will be a big hurdle for Sony in selling this system. Will it sell a decent amount?

 Yes, I believe it will, at least until the Scorpio comes out that is. Once the PS4 Pro stops being the new kid on the block the same trend we saw when the Xbox one S launched, you will see again, possibly bigger being that there isn’t “the next big thing” from either camp for at least a couple of years. Bottom line, I believe what you are looking at here is a rushed system that should have been better than this. What if Sony had added a better quality 4K disc drive, a better looking design instead of a lazy one, 1 more TB for hardrive space, fixed the PS4 controller battery limits, and put in built in upscaling for ALL games insteaded of relying on the developers to decide to do it for them? Even at $499 people would have brought it. Just saying….just saying.