Wow….what the heck is this? Notice at the end of all that you have to do the handshake attempt between the devices still fails. This is absolutely a big problem, especially for people like Sony who are real smart when it comes to technical issues or networking.  I’m pretty sure that whatever is causing this is within the PS4 pro but weeks will go by before Sony even admits it, much less fixes it. Lg is only one of the brands this issue shows up in. It’s basically a crap shoot to which specific tv will or won’t work correct with the PS4 pro. And this only adds to all the other complications the PS4 pro brings when trying to figure out what will do what, when, and how in just gaming. I’m glad my Xbox one S just works. I feel sorry for those who are stuck with PS4 pros. Hope Sony does right by you soon. For others out there hope you are paying attention and if I were you, I would stay far away from PS4 Pro right now, at least until they fix their issues.