“Xbox One was once again the best-selling console in October in the U.S., U.K. and Australia,” according to results given to Microsoft by The NPD Group and GfK Entertainment.

Microsoft you have done an amazing job. I am so proud of you guys. You are finally breaking down walls and correcting perceptions. And this all started with, what I say is the best console ever made and best price console ever made to date. The sure importance of the Xbox one S to Microsoft has surpassed even their thoughts. It is just like I mentioned, the true road block for all other consoles including the Scorpio. It’s the only console that gives you 4K streaming, 4K upscaling for all games(not just 40 games while other have to wait on developers),4K upscaling for all sources ran through it, and on top of it includes a 4K player for a starting price of $299. There is no doubt in many minds that this is easily the best purchase in gaming. 

As I have said before I will say again, if the Xbox one S just came out today while the PS4 pro was already on the market, people would be looking forward to getting this and trading in their PS4 pro’s. So, what will happen with the PS4 pro vs Xbox one S in November #s? Stay tuned I would say because even as I type this at 7pm PS4 pro’s are still available in all stores in my city and are not sold out. So the pre-orders didn’t sell out which tells me the PS4’s 50 million fans are in any hurry to give Sony their money again.