On top of all the other conplicated asterisks about the PS4 pro, the biggest might have been found out today. According to reports coming in, the PS4 pro biggest feature, HDR might not work your Tv even though it supports HDR 4K. Now, not only does the gamer have to worry about rather or not their specific game will be patched just to have upscaling, not only do they have to figure out which setting to set for the best results, or which of the 4 possible resolution will be giving out their game, but now if you have certain brands(like Lg) Sony says it’s your Tv’s fault for not being compatible with their PS4 pro. That’s right, gamers accross the world are calling in about this and are being told by Sony…”It’s not our fault, so there is nothing to fix”. Wow, I can’t believe the irrogance of this company. People all over the internet have no picture and only sound. Most think it’s their specific system when in fact it’s Sony’s design on all PS4 pro’s so it won’t matter if they exchange it. It’s sad really to think about how many people that might have this problem with the already list of if’s and but’s the system design is already causing on development. Then on top of this, the differences aren’t being seen so most don’t feel a need to upgrade. And finally the absolute fact that it’s so dang ugly. All I can say is thank the Heavens I didn’t give my Xbox one S to my son and purchase this piece of stream poop for my primary system. Buying a second Xbox one S for my son turned out even better than I thought. Hopefully, they can get their stuff together and take ownership of their mistakes and correct them. But even if they don’t you will still see PlayStation fanboys look over this and try and justify it still.