Now that the Jaybird X3’s have shown up and basically outclassed all things in Jaybirds lineup it time for some changes. The obvious thing is the freedoms. At a whopping $179-$199 while the newly released X3 sit at a mere $129 is a crying shame. I think they are missing out of a great marketing hook. They could easily drop these to a $99 package. It makes since being that the freedoms have a major issue with the design of that awful battery pack that nobody wants, this would be a good way to sell them and get them out the door to those who don’t mind a 4 hour battery life without the pack. Let the X3 be the top cost and model for all your headsets. It’s easily the best of the lineup, so why keep the Freedoms in the top cost slot with a lower cost product that is better in your lineup? I know I wouldn’t have ever thought about getting the freedoms if I ever saw the X3 on the market for its cost and features.