These are the newest and best in ear monsters from Jaybird. Jaybird took what they did right with the X1 , x2 , and The Freedoms and made the best in-ear earphones on the market. The took the amazing bass and made it even better. They took the crystal clear vocals and made it even cleaner. They took the Mids and made them ever present more. Finally they took that surpreme sound stage and made it bigger. If this wasn’t enough they went ahead and corrected the size issues some had with the x1 and x2. Then they corrected the battery issues with the The freedoms and made sure we had 8 hours of use without a battery pack and yet kept the small size that most bought the freedoms for in the first place. On top of all this they added the MySound app that completely changes things in every way possible. I have to admit I didn’t know how they could have made a better sounding earphone before these. Well, now I see how. Dare I say it again?