The smoke is starting to clear. The maketing lies have started to fall. The reports are finally being established. Most of all, the fans are speaking up. All the hard work Microsoft has done since its first released has put them in the position of King of the consoles to date. The Xbox one S has turned out to be the most featured rich gaming experience ever seen. The PS4 pro, on the other hand, has turned out to be the most complicated over hyped and king of misdirection. If it’s not the 4K checkerboarding , it’s the native lies on titles that weren’t. If it’s not the lies about better gaming for 1080p tv it’s the discovering that the system actually makes some games worse. And while the Xbox one S makes everything 4K upscales by itself, the PS4 pro merely has to wait on developers because they were rushing and didn’t bother to build this fact into the hardware itself.

 Ultimately the overall truth of the matter is that once you line them up the Xbox one S with it amazing build quality with basically zero sound or heat produced from the system it trumps the always noisier PS4 and PS4 pro and heat producing design. This mixed with the very best network in speed and reliability vs a network that just got hacked yet again just days ago, you start to see a building advantage. Throw in the best Gaming interface on the planet with backward compatibility, family sharing, 4K drive,best controller, best value for the money, newly announced clubs, 4K HDR that just doesn’t work with specific brand Tv’s but with all, and best exclusives on the planet and you have an overall whopping landslide of a victory if you are honest with yourself.  It’s not even close to be honest! I actully feel sorry for people who were lied too, led wrong, and or is just a blind fanboy. This isn’t even a close consideration of who delivers the best package. But as always if you are on the PS4 ecosystem you should stay and enjoy what you know but be well informed about the so called Pro and the true limits of the brand you have. It’s not what they have told you.