Talk about crashing and burning. The list of failures and disappointments about the PS4 Pro grows more and more by the day. Watchdogs 2 has worse frame rates than the original PS4 playing the same game. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I didn’t jump out and buy this system. So many people are making their opinions known. Those who own it confirming that they are disappointed and felt like things should have been better. Other people watching videos see no difference at all and think spending money on a system that shows so little difference is a joke. The Pro, while selling well in Europe, hasn’t really convince a bunch of people in America to get behind the newer system just yet (maybe this will change later). Me myself, will be playing the XBS version while smiling. The fact that I have THE very best lineup of games available today on one console is truly reassuring. The S brings so much to the table that I can’t see how anything can do better, even the Scorpio. Think about it. The XBS brings 4K movies, 4K steaming, 4K upscaling to all sources, has 2tb of hard drive space, has Clubs, has the best network, best controller, and is dead sexy and quiet. When the Scorpio does come out it won’t bring anything new that we don’t have but Native 4K(unless more is said later) which we have seen with NBA 2k17 for the PS4 Pro and see no real difference between it the XBS 4K upscale HDR version. My conclusion is that 4K means nothing by itself. It doesn’t mean graphics will automatically be superior. Textures, lighting, black levels, and shaders are more important than resolution. This is why 4K alone doesn’t wow people on the PS4 Pro. On top of this is the fact that most people want a change that is as different as standard resolution vs HD and this won’t be given. The level clarity, black levels, color pop my IPS display 4K HDR tv gives with the Xbox one S is the best I’ve seen period. I can’t see things being much better than this. It’s absolutely mind blowing when you have the proper settings on your Tv mixed with this XBS. If your set up isn’t doing this for you and you have a XBS you might want to change your calibration setting. It truly makes a huge difference over just going with a the wrong calibration or default settings for the Tv.