Well the list of asterix grows yet again for playstation Pro users. I just picked up the system to test out in fairness what the system truly does and doesn’t. I got tired of rumors and hype. While I knew 4K movies from the drive were out of the question, Netflix was said to have been answer to the missing drive. However, last I checked, 4K movies have HDR. You know what else has HDR? Netflix’s on Xbox one S. But for some reason yet again, the PS4 Pro doesn’t . That’s right! For all you fans who thought Netflix was going to be the answer to 4K HDR, you are going to be let down, at least for now. I just can’t understand what they thought to gain from a Netflix 4K addition without HDR when Xbox one S,out the box, supports this through Netflix. The amount of problems, let downs, and what ifs that surround this system is staggering. I can’t stress this enough, but all of this is based on Sonys need to rush this out. This could have been done better and should have been done better. 

 Now, to the systems credit points. I saw Second Light with the HDR and checkerboarding 4K and it absolutely was mind blowing. If Sony could deliver like this or better on all games there is little else I can see that true 4K would deliever on. Also for the first time I would say that I saw what 4K and HDR could look like. Even at 1800p I already can see that it will be no real difference seen between it and native 4K just like Sony said. Now is this only with Infamous Second Son and Second light, or will this be the results on every single game released by Sony moving forward? Only time will tell but based on early reviews the graphics seem to push more towards a confirmation that we will see more results like this. So this is a positive. Another thing they just recently got to put to bed is the TV errors many were getting. Most, including myself, saw Sony at fault. But according to new reports, the LG camp said they will be fixing the issues by the end of November, basically taking the blame for it. So we can’t blame Sony for pointing a finger at LG and others now. Looks like they were just in blaming others this time around. What hasn’t been determained is what 3rd party games looks like compared to Xbox one S upconverts. Will the same lack of difference exist between the Xbox one S vs Pro as PlayStation is counting on existing between the Pro and the Scorpio? If so, what’s the point on either side?