I wouldn’t be a fair person unless my thoughts were of experience and not of assumptions. I have a PS4 pro and have been testing things out for the last couple days along side my Xbox One S. The big question on my mind was how much difference does it truly make and what exactly does the system do or not do well. Well, I’m  ready to spill the beans.  

First up is the look. In person this thing is just as ugly as it was when I first saw it online. The unit is heavy but not jokingly heavy or anything like that. It’s not going to be something you want in your backpack anytime soon. In comparison, the Xbox one S is far more appealing. I think most can agree with me there. So on the looks department I give the Xbox one the easy victory. 

Next up is the interface and features. The PS4 pro features remain unchanged for the most part. It’s basically the same interface it was years prior. It does have two aces though. Share play and Spotify are absolute game changers. The controller however has a new light that shines towards you now(as if this was wanted). Most people didn’t want the light on the front to begin with but now it’s in your sight even more now.   In comparison, I think we know already that Xbox one S has tones of features over two great ones from Sony. They just added their new Club add on that lets you create a specific group so you get exactly what you are looking for online gaming.  And their interface is forever changing and being redesigned as the players give their thoughts.  It has amazing backward compatibility features and family share. So, while close I think you have to give the overall victory to Xbox. 

Now on to graphics. What does checkerboardjng HDR and 4.2 teraflops get you? Well to my surprise it gets you exactly what Sony said it would. It will get you a handful of games that natively run in 4K and the majority of them at 1800p. It will also provide more stable frame rates in some games. Even the color boost they gave it shows through. But does this jump over the level set by the Xbox one S upscaling? Short answer, A resounding YES. I was actually shocked at the difference it made. Just watching them by themselves you wouldn’t think that they’re were difference until you flip back and forth. I notice a huge differences and advantages the Pro had over Xbox One S upscaling. Games like watchdogs 2 showed a absolutely stunning difference. When I went back to the Xbox one S version the picture was blurry compared to the PS4 Pro. This was something you wouldn’t see just looking at the xbox version. I think a lot of that might be from the fact that the Xbox one S is upscaling a 900p image to 4K, not a 1080p image to 4K. So the further the difference the less details are kept. But even if it was at 1080p I can see how the Pro still looked amazing and would beat the Xbox one S in third party games if they put out a Pro version. There seems to be a difference between being reprogramed for a higher resolution vs the console simply upscaling through the console. As far as first party titles go, this was the first time I saw what 4K truly looks like even though it was checker boarded. Infamous Second light is the most stunning game I have ever witness thanks to check boarding .

 I was not prepared to see such perfection. When I saw this the first time I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the clearest detail, most vibrate color, and deepest blacks I have ever experience. If Sony can push this kind of results out consistently it will truly be something PlayStation can be proud of and they will have something that stands against Scorpio. I have seen 4K on a PC and I’m telling you there is no difference that I could make out after seeing Second light. It was the first time I had seen these types of graphics on a console and it was truly breathtaking. PlayStation truly can say they are the first 4K system on the market. Rest assured people this isn’t fanboy speech, this is flat out truth. So the Pro wins this hands down in this department.  

Next up …Games. This is a huge key. Above all things, the console must be able to deliver on games. And right now, for me, Xbox one S has the most successful exclusives in gaming. The sure amount of games that are truly great is staggering. Microsoft just knows how to deliver on exclusives, Forza, forza hot 3 , dead rising, halo 5, tomb raider, gears of war…etc. For Sony, better hope for 2017. All of Sony hopes and dreams for games might , let me say again, might come next year as they have a bad habit of showing things that never come out when they say. So for me Microsoft is still the king when it comes to delivering games across the board. Sony needs to work on the quality of exclusives because too many have failed. Advantage Xbox one S. 

Lastly the Apps…well I’m pretty sure you know where this is going. Xbox one S blows PS4 pro out of the water. It’s really not even worth talking about in too much detail. Xbox one S has Netflix with HDR and 4K. Has 4K drive, upscales everything including your tv channels, and more apps than you can throw at it. Sony just doesn’t have the ammo to get on the same level as Xbox. So score this for Xbox one S. 

In the end of the day I wouldn’t be keeping this system if it cost me the full $399.99 because I have Xbox one S. Luckily, it didn’t. If you don’t own a Xbox one S and have a different system I would recommend this. I think it will be a very solid system and a very powerful one. My plans have not been decided yet but for now I see no issues with having two systems as I originally planned and just divide my titles into exclusives for the PS4 pro and all else on the Xbox one S until the Scorpio comes out. If you own a xbox one S then I think the differences(while clear)between them are still not worth the full $399 especially with Scorpio a year away. In the end the Xbox one S is still the best package in gaming but you have to make your own choice on which category means more to you. However, at least it can be said that the Pro can deliever just like Sony says it can, don’t let yourself be fooled just looking at YouTube videos like I did. They can’t truly show you the full differences that exist.