There is something that good and bad that came out of owning both consoles. The reality of 4K. On one hand I see that the PS4 pro is more powerful than the Xbox one for graphics. I don’t think this was ever up to debate. However the level of difference it possessed over the Xbox one S, if any, was. This was found out with watchdogs 2 and now with FIFA 17. One game that is said to be native 4K 2160p vs one game that was upscaled to 1800p check boarding. With both scales experienced I can walk away educated and not confused. I seen HDR on both platforms, and have seen exclusive games on both. With that said I learned something very profound. Scorpio will have a very hard adaption ratio if all they can do is deliever on native 4K. I have seen native 4K and while better it’s not worth buying another console for, especially now with owning both the PS4 Pro and Xbox one S.  In fact the games like Second light and Second Son were far more impressive at 1800p checkerboarding and HDR than anything found on the Xbox one S or anything that was native 4K on the Pro. For example FIFA 2017, while better than the Xbox one S version, it wasn’t a big difference. I’m talking about very, very small advantages. For me it wasn’t the resolution as much as it was the colors and lighting that were stand outs. And those stands out only equaled to about a .5 (9 vs 9.5)jump in differences for the graphics. If you own the Xbox one S version you weren’t going to feel like you were missing something. Even if you own a regular PS4 you would be hard pressed to find a true reason to rebuy something you already have basically.  So the thought of Scorpio 4K native system leaves a lot to wonder and less to be excited about now. What Microsoft needs to do is focus on lighting, textures, frame rates and color pallets, not just 4K. They must set themselves apart, especially for me because I have now witness native 4K for my sports and it’s only marginally better.  So if that’s all it will be delivering on this won’t be enough for me and I’m sure others. Most will be just fine with the Xbox one S for Microsoft just like most are fine with the PS4 over the PS4 pro rebuy.