Microsoft has been a formidable challenger to Sonys reign of late.  The future even shows great promise for the hardware that is set to dominate Sony’s recently released Pro on paper. Although, Sony will argue that this only is on paper and not in real time viewing of the gamer.  And while some evidence supports both sides opinion there has been something lost in translation and is very uncharacteristic of Microsoft, the lack of exclusives for the next year. When you look at next year and beyond I can see a clear path for Sony. God of war, MLB The show, Spider-Man, Detroit, and Grand turismo to name a few. But with Microsoft the likes of Halo wars, Scalebound, Cuphead, Sea of Thieves, and Crackdown. For me these lists aren’t equal at all. Halo wars is a strategy point and click game that doesn’t do overwhelming on consoles. I need to even say anything about that? Sea of thieves (Indy game..enough said ). Crackdown, a cartoon game, and this just doesn’t really work for me. And finally Scalebond .. horrible decision to bring back another type of dragon game(which never sale very well). Above this all I find zero attraction to any of these titles personally. My only hope is that Forza Motorsports makes its yearly appearance. What’s even more concerning is that Scorpio isn’t due til the end of 2017. This normally means slim to no games that will be able to truly take advantage of it until 2018. I’m sorry but this is a long time and a bad spot at the end of the year for a console that won’t have exclusives to its format. On top of all of this from a business point of view they waste a year of being able to take advantage of the excitement of 4K by a complete year basically. Then when all of the smoke has cleared you end up basically competing against your own better value Xbox one S which will be a year old on the market which means even cheaper than it is now. To top things off more they won’t allow exclusives for the Scorpio so gamers have no real reason to buy the Scorpio then as a whole(just ask Sony how hard it is when games are only a little better looking). At least with Sony their base model doesn’t upscale to 4K nor have a 4K drive already inside it. But Microsoft’s does so this doesn’t right the ship. I think they need more focus on lighting, colors, and textures. Once this is perfect then the frame rate and lastly the resolution 4K. Most importantly, they need to be different and unique in the games again this year. Games like Quantum break should have been taking the lead for what they needed from other developers work for 2017 and 2018.