There was a lot of issues that were going on with LG Tv’s and the PS4 pro. I have a LG 50uh5500 4K HDR tv. I was on the list of may other LG tvs that was said to have problems. Well I don’t know if this is the fix to all this but I haven’t had one black screen issue after I started to follow one simple tip. That tip is…turn your system on until the system is fully booted (with a steady white bar instead of a blinking blue), then turn on your tv. Most people attempt to turn on the tv before, at the same time, or straight after they turn on the PS4 Pro. I haven’t since the first time I got the system and it gave me the black screen. Now I have all my settings set to the following.


 Now what I’m told is that people are still getting blank screens if they leave their deep color options and HDCP checked under the 4K resolution and turn off their TVs. Well I haven’t had to change a thing but the 1.4 when I first hooked up my system to my tv. I haven’t had to turn off anything or uncheck a thing. I simply started the boot up the PS4 by itself and allowed it to finish before I turned on my tv. I haven’t had not one issue since the first boot up of a black screen .  Now this might be a coincidence or something but this is the only thing I do different that I feel might be the reason. It might help or not. You should try if this is an issue that you have because you have a LG tv. I get 4K and HDR every time I use the PS4. I don’t have to boot it in safemode anymore either if you are wondering.  I hope this helps l, I really do.  Bottom line update is coming from LG.