Having the Xbox one S has afforded me the ability to see the 4K movies on disc. PlayStation missed out on this for their Pro. Most feel that this was a huge mistake. I do as well. However, something I didn’t write about was the lack of wow for 4K movies. Is there a little difference? Yes, but with my Xbox one S player quality, that difference is even less seen than the differences seen between the Xbox one S vs PS4 pro. With gaming on third party games, the PS4 pro is the best version in graphics. Like I said, it takes your graphics from a 9 to at least a 9.5. This difference isn’t something life changing on all games but it is better. With 4K movies, I see even less difference and I’m sure it’s based on the Xbox one S disc player being the absolute minimum in picture quality for 4k movies to hold down the price. Basically what it comes down to is that PS4 pro’s 4k upscaler for their movies are just as impressive if not at times more than 4K or blu-ray movies graphics played on the Xbox one S. Another thing I noticed is the lack of movies for 4K. We are in the dead middle of biggest push for 4K and Best Buy has barely a shelf for these movies. Even Marvel’s Civil War didn’t bother putting out a 4K version. This does show that Sony might have been correct in their statements. Maybe signs do point to people not adapting disc base 4K movies. Personally, I still think they should have included it but at least I see some evidence that supports what their thinking was. If Sony would have placed a 4K drive into the system I believe it would have been better at 4K quality than the Xbox one S after seeing their upscaler at work on regular blu-ray movies. I hope Scorpio does us right and installs a great 4K drive into it( if this is even something people want by then judging by the lack of movies pushed out).