This sign is the key to everything for Sony. This little sign is needed for every major title that hits Sony next year. It is the difference of life or death for the console. Already the adopting rate is slower than expected and the system has had a rocky start. But all of that could be temporary but it depends on what the developers choose to do. Already we see major developers giving their support. Developers from Fallout, EA, even Blizzard all showing up and getting into the Pro Support. 

As 2017 approaches and the list of games start to become more clearer, one’s things for sure, the need for this could be either a forgone conclusion or a hopeful dream. 

One concern that does exist, even if the developers decide to make this a regular thing, is the question of price for patches. Sony has guaranteed they won’t allow their first studies to do this. But this means they really don’t have a say in it for third party developers. As of now, nobody has come out to do this. Maybe it won’t happen but then again it only takes one to do it and get away with it before others join. 

The last thing Sony wants is that developers flat out choose to stay away from the Pro upgrade. According to Mark Cerny it only takes about two people and two days of work to do. So why not? Well 48 million owners of standard PS4’s give reason to why not. Developers could take the stance that until more adopt this system they won’t bother. be honest if this was the case I don’t believe we would’ve gotten the amount of developers we have already today that have gone back and repatched. One extreme way to solve this problem, if it presents itself as such, is to push the PS4 Pro as the only model. Since it provides enhancements for standard and 4K tvs this could be a choice for PlayStation to help fuel the adoption ratio. Lower the price a bit and get rid of the slim model slowly since it isn’t selling. But with whatever choice they make and whatever happens with developers directions, it had better be done faster than Scorpio comes out. Once this happens all focus will be shifted to it and if there isn’t enough support for the Pro development, it will be sweep aside with great ease come 2018.

If developers do support it going forward and do it right Sony could have enough titles going into 1800p-2106p check boarding or native to spoil the party for Microsoft’s Scorpio before it ever reaches launch. Unless Microsoft can set itself apart in graphics levels (not just coming in at 4K) they will have a very hard sell especially with their own cheaper system offering 4k upscaling and 4K movies. Bigger than that is the game lineups they will face coming into the end of 2017. This will be the biggest year Sony has ever had and if Microsoft believes showing up for the last part of the year will give that year to them after all the titles said to hit next year does for Sony they will be left holding a empty bag with a ton of wasted investment. Ultimately, Microsoft is still in the drivers seat because they have the option to wait and see how things pan out. They are in developement still. They could tweak and modify things to help give them an advantage. If they are paying attention to all that is going on they should be well prepared.