Thanks Sony and third party developers for messing up my happy little Xbox one S family😩. The PS4 pro is by all rights, the most powerful console right now until Scorpio comes. This by itself wasn’t enough for me. Even with Xbox’s lack of success with exclusives for 2017, it still wasn’t enough for me. Even with God of war, Spiderman,Detroit, Horizon Zero dawn, MLB 17 and Grand turismo exclusives heading up 2017 for Sony’s PS4 Pro Xbox still was still more important because the best looking Sport titles have existed on it vs Sony and that’s 70% of my gaming. So it didn’t matter. But then a little birdie kicked in and reminded me that FIFA 17’s Pro edition is a third party sport game, NBA 2k17 pro edition is a third party Sport game. 

What’s going to happen when there are PS4 Pro versions of All my Sport titles coming next year with the addition of having back Sonys MLB franchise and all those exclusives above I just mentioned including pro versions of Injustice 2 and Tekken? At first I thought, well EA will upgrade Xbox one S versions too but then I remembered this system isn’t more powerful and can only upscale through its hardware. Then I thought to myself, Scorpio will be out next year and they will do it for them. Then I realized if they do, this still isn’t going to help my Xbox one S and on top of this Scorpio doesn’t come until holiday 2107 when all sport games will have already come out and at best “maybe some will go back and patch”, but not all. So I won’t be able to fully utilize Scorpio to play my sports fully until mid 2108. 2018!!!! THIS SUCKS!! I hate this crap!!! This has counter all my hopes for Xbox one S.  Now I remember why I didn’t want these companies upgrading mid year. It screws up things even more then before. Just when you think you have a plan for a console it’s designers screw it up for you. Now when you see things like this Sony looks like the only logical choice until 2018. Then this crap starts right back over, then Sony will bring out their full upgraded system 1-2 years after that. And before there is any suggestion of PC, they are no different.  Just when I thought my family was all tucked in bed with Xbox leading the way, this happens.