There is so much going on in console gaming now. We got so many words and numbers; 1800p, 2160p, checkboarding, teraflops, native and upscaling. We have so many sides and beliefs that I believe it’s become muddy and we have simply missed out on the sure fact that we have beautiful graphics now and on the way. 

I for one have been convinced and glad I have both xb1s and Pro in my house. If you only have one you are blessed. Both give you a lot. I will say though that the Pro had made big time ground on me. It has made me a believer in all those confusing terms like “checkboarding”.  Frankly, I don’t understand how PS4 Pro and Sony do what they do. All I can say is that there is a difference and that difference is beautiful and powerful. I was wrong about all previous thoughts about Sony lying( on this matter only). Mark Cerny is a genius and as long as he is the one pushing the ship for development I think Sony will have great results. 

I would be the first to admit that it took me a bit to accept the truth when it didn’t make sense. But when you set that aside and just look and enjoy what is being shown, you get to the point that all those numbers don’t mean anything anymore. Is Sony’s Pro the most powerful ever? Of course it is. And when Scorpio comes out, it will be the new “most powerful”. So this will never end. So basically all you can do is look at the screen and ask yourself if this is beautiful? If it is, then enjoy it. Stop worrying about how and why. This will never change the fact that it’s beautiful. Games like NBA 2k17 is natively rendered in true 4K 60hz as well as FIFA 17. Because of this the Pro versions of these games are the very best. Because they are the very best and it’s a sport game, for me it’s a automatic focus.  I want the very best looking version of my games and The Pro has it. So what does this mean moving forward? Xbox one S will remain a big part of my house but as long as there is a Pro version of any third party game available in the future, it will be purchased on my PS4 Pro. If not, then the Xbox one S along with its exclusives that I want on it. Unfortunately, to my knowledge and others, only Forza Motorsport “might”be coming 2017 that is  really exciting. I don’t know of any other game for 2017 that I’m interested in. Cuphead, Sea of thieves, Below, Ashen just don’t work. And I absolutely hate dragons and cartoons or shell shaded graphics so Crackdown and Scalebound  are useless. Basically all may be useless on Microsoft’s front until Scorpio.