I little while back I reported to you that according to info that the PS4 Pro doesn’t help or change graphics without the patch for the PS4 pro. I reported this mainly because the main website that backs Sony Eurogamer reported this through Digital foundry. Well before I got mine a friend of mine said she believed that the system upscaled without the patch. I questioned rather or not it was Tv because according to Digital Foudry the Pro does nothing for the graphics without the patch. Well I thought that was a dumb move to set up a system that would do this. Turns out my friend was right and Sony wasn’t stupid enough to do this. 

Every single game upscales even if the patch isn’t done for it. But because of the PS4 Pro’s new enhancements in colors and blacks, they look even better. This is amazing news and confirmation for anybody that is thinking about PS4 Pro or has it.  What I don’t understand is how Digital foundry could have made this mistake. No matter who the source is, they can always be wrong.