Exclusives! We all know the term. It’s what separates one system from the other in this age of competitive console marketing. Ultimately, it’s what helps many gamers decide on which console to invest their hard earned money. For years Microsoft seemed to have this down. They were able to deliever on many exclusives that actually sold well and screamed quality even in the midst of supposed weakness of their hardware. For many this is what they cared about mostly. It wasn’t the pixel count, it was the games. Sony on the other hand seemed to put their backing behind the wrong exclusives and the ones that counted seemed always to be delayed . Now the table seems to be set to turn. Great exclusives such as Grand Turismo and many others are set to hit Sony’s consoles 2017. The biggest fact is that it seems to be at the right time. A time where Sony seems to be loosing ground. A time where Sony has entered a territory not yet seen by consoles, the mid cycle upgrades period. So having strong exclusives to help push the resolve of a company is very important. 

And based on Sonys lineup, these aren’t just wanna bee big boy titles. These are heavy hitters that change the game forever. So for Sony to own their exclusive rights puts them in a perfect position at the perfect time. You mix this with the fact that at least this holiday season and the majority of the year in 2017 they will have the most powerful console out and the very best games on that format as long as the majority of the titles hit in 2017. 

And then we get to Microsoft. They are just on the verge of making very positive pushes to the market in the States and Europe. They are fresh of the heels of a very productive exclusive game year for 2016. In fact it’s been a couple of years of exclusive success for Microsoft. But every year can’t be the same. And the 2017 lineup will not work for the core players like myself. Games like Sea of Thieves and Cuphead aren’t what most core fans want. 

Yes we know Scaleboud and Halo wars are coming but again these types of games don’t attract a lot of core fans either. Real Time strategy games and dragon games just don’t sell very well on consoles. So the momentum that is needed before coming out with another system isn’t going to be there and I’m concerned that if there is a drought like this in 2017 it may set the foundation in people’s mind for the Scorpio before that system even is sold. This will not be good for Microsoft going into 2018 with new hardware without the games to back it.