Please join us in welcoming the addition of the PS4 Pro to my gaming room. I know I have had this unit for a couple of days. I have testing and tested things out as I was not sure I was going to keep it. Honestly, I had no intention of keeping it because of my library I had with my Xbox one S. I just couldn’t afford to rebuy everyone of those games and didn’t think I would use it that much. But then the math became overwhelming. 2017 will be the best and biggest year for the PlayStation Pro while the Xbox has no real excitement for me. Games like sea of thieves and cup head leading the way just doesn’t do it for me on Xbox. But games like grand turismo, zero dawn,Detroit and the prospect of having everyone of my sport titles in Pro Mode is too much to ignore. So welcome K.I.T.T to the team guys.

 All plans for 2017 will be about the Pro until Scorpio hits. All gaming will be about the Pro that are Pro enhanced third party or first even considering getting extended warranty through Best Buy. It’s going to be fun to see the Scorpio vs The Pro. I still hope for a Microsoft domination once Scorpio comes out and all but if it doesn’t the Pro will already be here. The only plans that have changed is the fact that my Xbox one S is going to become a dead weight in 2017. Until then I will play the huge library I have accumulated this year and step to the side and play some PS4 Pro in between. If I was to score the PS4 Pro I would give it a 8 for what it is and a 9.5 for what it could be if the developers continue to grow their support for it.