Paragon was beautiful before but now with the PS4 Pros changes its flat out amazing. This is the one game I haven’t figured out but can’t stop watching. I wish I could understand all the cards features and tactics but I don’t. I wish I was good at it but I’m not yet versed in this. The more I watch it played the more exciting it becomes to me. To be honest this game and MLB were the only games for 2016 that I really didn’t look forward to loosing when I was all Xbox .


So when I got the Pro and found out about the addition to the graphics on Paragon for it, I knew I had to see it. I wasn’t disappointed as you can see. The Pro has made my gaming turn itself inside out for me. Now, every single thing is better on it.

 All my sports and all third party games even if not upgraded to Pro enhancements still look better thanks to the upconvert. And even though I benefit from this I hate this at the same time. No matter what, I want competition to lead, not one sided fights and dominations from one single company. What I wanted was for my Xbox one S to remain on top a bit longer til at least next year understandably. Without good exclusives I was expected a slack year from Microsoft. But I had always counted on my sport titles being the very best on that platform. Now that my Paragon’s beauty and all my sport titles looking better on the PS4 pro I’m completely at a los for words and it’s not yet 2017.