Seating here is pure delight playing NBA 2k17 in 4K and HDR, it dawned on me(pun intended) that the future is very bright for the Pro and PlayStation. Over and over I have expressed my thoughts about the value of Xbox one S. However, best investement may go to the PlayStation Pro. Why? Simply put, timing and games. Coming out at the right time with the library on schedule to take advantage of that new product is everything. It’s what I believe will ultimately make the Pro better for a lot of people. There is no doubt that right now people are still trying to figure this HDR vs 4K thing out. But the sales of the 4K tvs seem to be bigger and bigger by the month so this will turn into the new standard and with that, more attention on to gaming in 4K. With the Pros power that is ready today, even without a 4K player, it places itself top of the food chain. People can say the differences are not that big for certain games but they unltimately will be once games start to release in 2017, especially Sony exclusive games. 

Now hopefully Sony won’t make the same mistake Microsoft has made by throwing everything into one year with nothing to show for the next two. However, baring anything going wrong, I can’t see anything that would make me believe that they will not destroy Microsoft next year in gaming. Third party developers are slowing adding to the PS4 Pro list. Not just basic third party companies but companies who have had Microsoft’s back before, like EA and 2k. When this starts to happen it doesn’t vote well for the opposing company. Microsoft will most likely win Black Friday and the fifth month straight in the States, this is what makes them the best value. However, once this year is up and the drought starts on their exclusives and the third party games are developered in favor of the Pro, where will this get Microsoft? I for one would love for them to really dominate and put pressure on Sony. But the amount of gaming I will be doing on that system is very sparingly. Forza Motor sport and Maybe Halo Wars but that’s it. With the Pro you now have a system that is going to have the best games available on the market, both exclusives and third party and you will have a system that will be supported by Sony as their top focus. This is more than I can say about the Xbox one S once Scorpio comes out. And as I have said before, the problem with the Scorpio is that it comes out at the end of 2017 which pushes back any real gaming to brag on for 2018 and that’s only if they can land proper exclusives because Sea of thieves and Cuphead just ain’t gonna cut it. What good is having all that power without real blockbusters that showcase your console? So best value vs best investment, your choice.