The PS4 Pro is selling well and getting a lot of looks and considerations. It’s had it’s healthy share of positive and negative statements about it so far. What can’t be denied is that it’s truly a 4K console. Yes, not all games will reach that level but if even one AAA titles reach this level then the system can do it.  To say it can’t is pretty stupid now. It’s the most powerful console ever made now until the Scorpio comes out. But to be honest, isn’t this the same thing that can be said about any next step up in a console life cycle? Will not this be said about the next console that comes out after the Scorpio? Through all this we have learned about the Pro’s limits and hurdles they face with frame rate when trying to maintain that 4K status in either upscaling or being native. This could easily be the growing pains of a new development technique that comes with adapting new technology. It could also just be the limits of the system, which most will say up front,even without knowledge of it. However, Microsoft could put in place the things that are needed to make sure frame rate isn’t an issue in their push for 4K. Up front though, it would seem that Microsoft has already started putting things in place. If you do the simple math on the differences of the PS4 Pro and the Scorpio you can easily see how 320gb of memory and 12 megs of video ram and 6 teraflops of compute power would easily give every one of PS4 Pro games out today native 4K and at least better than 30 frames a second, if not the full 60fps if they put these same games on the Scorpio. 

Games like Warchdogs 2 could easily hit the full 4K native levels and higher frame rates. It would easily be the best version of the console games and even 70% or more PCs out there. The big problem with coming out first is that you give everyone an idea of what is needed to avoid your criticism and mistakes. This is really the last thing you want to do with a console like Scorpio and a money giant like Microsoft. They are still playing catch up and they still feel like they have to prove themselves. This is the mindset and situation you need to succeed. So when Microsoft says the difference between the Scorpio and Pro will be evident they aren’t lying so PlayStation fanboys better get over their fears and hate, this is real. Once again, I can not stress enough that if the PS4 Pro can create 4K natively at 60fps (FIFA and NBA 2k17) with only 4.2 teraflops and 1g more system memory added to the system, what the heck will happen once you have 2x more teraflops, 4GB more graphic card memory and 100gb more system memory? The difference will be obvious so stop fooling yourselves. But like all things there will be concerns and my concern are Games. Who will have the games to support the push of the console. Most people’s money would be on Sony. As of today and the evidence known today, it is my money bet too. Yes, anything can happen, but I still say “Content is King”. So unless Microsoft has something other than Teacup and Sea of Theives type games it’s. Its not going to matter how powerful their console is if they can’t back it up with games.