The first thing people will see and experience is that the Freedoms are the smallest Bluetooth footprint for earphones. But make no mistake that these small plugs by no means push out lack of sound. In fact, now that I have tried all the Jaybirds now, I think this has the best overall sound. It has a larger sound stage, something that I didn’t think would happen with a smaller design. I had heard that some said that there were no differences between the freedoms and the X3’s as far as sound goes. I dispute that now that I have heard them. The Freedoms have a small but noticeable kick of better bass and a wider sound stage. How this done I have no real reason why. If I had to guess it would based on how deep they go inside your ear canal. I also wear mine S wrapped and looped over my ear so I never experience any weight issue or complaints with the battery pack or controls moving, walking or running.  

They are arched in a way that pushes the music down a direct path inside you ear. It doesn’t have to forced feed inside your ear either, they just fit. Now granted my experience might not be yours because for what I can tell there are different version of this earphone. The first released batch came with the open air design foam which basically is designed not to seal because it has breathable holes throughout its design, like shown above on first picture. Mine came with the isolated foam design not the open air design foam. So mine seal and stick with incredible feel and hold. This allows incredible bass to go along with the small design that goes deeper inside your ear makes unmatched sound hit you and surround you with immense detail. Now, the X3 has this same foam for its tip too but unlike the Freedoms they are bigger and the Freedoms do a better job at going inside your ear over the X2’s and X1’s. However, that size gives the freedoms the design advantage over the X3. One area that the Freedoms can’t compete is the straight battery life. This unit will only get you 4 hours without the battery pack. 

Personally, you might not care but the X3 has flat out 8 hours without the need of a pack to give it 4 more hours. Now, some might say 4 hours is plenty and they like the idea of having a battery pack for back up if needed. Me, I haven’t decide yet but I can say I never used up or needed 8 hours ever with my headset. But it still remains to be seen if 4 hour is enough. I’ll find out tomorrow though. Other than that I can say that the Freedoms have shocked me a bit. I didn’t think that the sound was going to better but it was. I thought because the X3 were the latest it would automatically mean they would be better in sound but they weren’t. Now I’m not saying they aren’t in the same conversion, they are. Jaybirds for any version is the in the conversion. It’s a small advantage that if you gave me the X3 and force me to give the X5’s back I would forget about the Freedoms cause they both use the My Sound app. So don’t think for one second I still don’t think the X3 are the beast that they are. I still think this. I just respect the qualities I have seen thus far in the Freedoms and think they bring a bit more bass and sound stage to the stage. The limits of 4 hours still have to be tested before the finally conclusion is voted on. The last thing to consider that might ultimately play a big role in this is that the Freedoms are more expensive. They are $179.99 off sale while the X3 are $129.99(but sold out everywhere). Through Amazon though, you might be able to pick up the Freedoms for $149.99 but this still is more expensive than the X3’s. Strangely enough even the X2’s have rose in price from $79 to $149 now. So I think the prices are not what they should be and think the X3 are by far the best priced. But finally verdict on the Freedoms to come. 

Update so far

Well went to work and all went very well. I listen to music throughout the day. Sometimes I just left the unit on and hanging around my ears with the music paused. I didn’t once think about the limits of the battery life. When I went home I decided to listen to the music again and to my surprise my battery was at 60%(no battery pack)! That’s more than enough for me. I was a bit nervous about the battery levels I just don’t using battery packs and if I can come home at 60% and still have the battery pack on stand bye without use I can see how this might be staying with me. I really shouldn’t be that surprise I never once came close to draining the X2’s or X3’s.