Sony came out this morning swinging. Yes they have the lead in console wars world wide. Yes they have the best line up for 2017 in games even before today. But this didn’t stop them from coming out with other exclusives to stack the deck on. This is where they have the advantage for 2017 being that this year wasn’t exactly what it should have been as far as games go.  And it seems that they are planning for 2017 and beyond not just 2017, which is smart. Unlike Microsoft who seems to be set up for a bare bones 2017. 

The conference opens up with a devastating game reveal, Uncharted Legacy. With two hero woman involved as the leads in story I can already see the openings for what could come next. Hopefully, this won’t become the “token” lesbian story tell to sell the video game because it doesn’t need that. Personally, I can do without this in a game. I frankly don’t need to know what god they believe in nor who they are sleeping with. Let’s just stick to what makes the series good and move on. But all worries aside the game looks like another winner that will add to an already impressive lineup of games that should see the shelves in 1-2 years. 

Easily the biggest announcement of the night happened with this title above. This game is herald as the greatest game ever made and now after all this time we have a part 2. Once again hopefully we can have a great game without 12 year old child lesbians kissing on each other. At least this time the girl is older, maybe a adult. Again, maybe there’s a story without having to focus on Hot button themes like “god” and “gays” and just have a fun exciting video game. Then again maybe I’m asking for too much but I can dream. 

What you can take away for sure is that PlayStation has all the ammo they need to take on the Scorpio with a very dominating lineup of games for at least the next two years. Microsoft needs to be really paying attention big time. All the horse power in the world can’t give you games. And without those games power can never be appreciated.