Hideo Kojima announcement of his exclusive Death Stranding for PlayStation was already a major announcement for the system. When it was shown at the last conference people already held their breathe when they saw the amazing graphics for the regular PS4. Well today it has been announced that not only will the title have a PS4 Pro update but that update will make the already incredible looking game Native 4K! 

With the amazing detail that you see here you can now see why Sony may not have cause to fear Scorpio. This is by far the greatest detail we have ever seen, even dare I say on PC. Sony’s Pro system continues its amazing shock values for all gamers everywhere. If this system is able to do this, what can’t it do if someone properly programs for it? This is absolutely jaw dropping and incredible. I don’t care what camp you are from if you can hate on this then you are just hating. 

This is yet again another reason why I am concern for Microsoft’s library of games when looking at things like this. Scorpio isn’t out yet, and I get this. But it takes time to develop games to take advantage of software. Games need to be already in place and being worked on so that the introduction of the Scorpio can be greeted with the proper games. At E3 we should get a clearer look at the Scorpio plans for games and for Microsoft sakes they better come out swinging because Sony isn’t playing around.