Having to go back and change up my mind is something I have to do sometimes in tech. There is so many things that can effect ones views of a product that it can keep it from being a hit and come across as something less. For me this is one of those products on paper that I didn’t find appealing. The thought about having a battery pack to get me the same hours I would have normally with the last year’s model didn’t make sense to me. I took away so much for this that it blinded me to the fact that these earphones are a diamond. All that ended when I picked up these babies and gave them a fair test. Right off the bat the size is what blows you away the most. You know where the battery is gone based on the overall size of the unit compare to last year’s model and even the x3’s. 

So once I got these in my ears the exact same way I used my X2’s-X3’s, they right away disappeared. I was blown away already but when I turned these on and listen to them that really nailed it. The sound stage is better than all the models. Then the bass hit even tighter than all the models as well. I was like in disbelief. I still didn’t want to just put these at the top of my list. I mean how can I? These don’t last so what good is all the perfect sound? Well, thats what I told myself because I didn’t want anything being better than my X3’s. 

Then I had to go out and test them, didn’t I? Well, then the trouble turned real. Not only did they come with the newly designed sealed ISO tips over the sound leaked breathable one that kill that good bass, but they disappeared in my ear. They lasted for me throughout all my listening at work and home without thought so I knew I was in trouble. By the time the next day hit and I could no longer think about the X2- X3’s the X3 hopes of being my earphone disappeared in smoke. Returns are also a common theme in this household. I used to think that the X3 were so much better because they had the battery without the pack being needed. But what I fail to see is that I never needed 8 hours of music playback in a day. I would never use earphones that long. So the sound became Number 1 as it should. With the better bass and sound stage these reign superior(so x3’s are gone). So it is my pleasure to give these earphones a Digitalcrack score of 5 out of 5!!