Wow!!!! The real space game (sorry no mans sky) Elite dangerous comes to PS4 Pro with 4K support! This game was previously a Xbox exclusive and now it’s coming to PS4 pro but with better graphics. This is huge for me. I love this game and to think that it’s going to be better looking and most likely faster. So that is a big win for me. The library of titles that keep growing makes me feel very confident that the Pro support will continue to grow as needed. And the developers support of PlayStation will most likely land even more games as time goes on. This game is set for 2017 which again adds to an already stellar lineup of games that could make the 2017 wish list.  

Another such game that is getting the Pro treatment is Resogun. One of the most addictive games I have ever played. The gameplay was flat out simple yet almost impossible. The levels of tears lost from not blinking at this intensely fast pace game was crazy. And even though it was one of the very first games made for the PS4 when it came out, it’s still one of its very best games. Looks like PS4 Pro owners have even more reasons to be glad they bought a Pro. Well, at least I am.