Well it’s here and dominating. The Pro is gathering numbers and believers day by day. It made me a believer and I was more shocked than most. The amount of developers jumping on board is very surprising to me. It grew so fast so quick. What was once thought be me and others as over hyped and over complicated is now a premium level of programing most are adapting now. It’s showing up as a benefit to most players and developers now and if this keeps going it should end up being the norm. This is something Sony hoped for and now seems to be getting it. All this is in part thanks to the amazing push and sales of the 4k tvs. More and more people are buying them because they are extremely affordable and the more they buy them the more they look for things to buy to take advantage of it. 

Microsoft also benefits from this. They have the best deal on market with their xbox one s with an included 4k disc player. And while their games aren’t natively being pushed at 4k on the Xbox one S the Scorpio will do so. Along with that release they should see an even deeper pool of owners with 4k and 4k content out. This is what they are counting on to sell this product and if they come out at the right price and have games ready for it to take advantage of the hardware this should sell like hot cakes. But that’s the key, games and price. If either one of these aren’t put into place Sony will have the upper hand solidify once again. But time will have to govern such results. What we do know though now, is that 4k will be the push and it’s being welcomed by more and more people much quicker than most thought.