The master race?? I’m not sure if you guys want to be racist pigs or you’re just plan stupid and don’t know where the term came from. Master race was a term invented by the racist so called purist who weren’t even pure themselves when it came to their own ethics background. How you’re stupid enough to use this term as to make it a term of pride for playinng games is beyond logic. 

Now let get to the real reason I wrote this article. Every other day we have people jumping for joy over their pc power and gaming. They claim they have the most powerful platform. While on paper this may be the case, what it doesn’t produce is the games. I don’t know about you but I don’t know of one platform that waste as much time talking about so called inferior styles of being. I don’t ever see console people comparing themselves over and over again to mobile gaming or playing side by side comparison of 16bit gaming graphics. We are too busy playing games. But not PC players and reviewers. It’s like they have to do this to justify to themselves that they did the right thing and wasting thousands of dollars just to have a faster frame rate or more textures. If the PC’s are so powerful why would you need to keep trying to justify whatever advantage you think you have. The reason is very evident to console gamers though. It’s the games. Pc games suck . They produce the same old click and point turn base games over and over again. And when you do use a controller it’s from a console(umm, wow).They don’t even compare to the Uncharted’s, Grand turismo, Detroit, Last of us, and will never compare in Sport titles. I mean I could go on forever at the sure dominate force of exclusives consoles have compared to pc but everyone knows this. That’s why they just can’t stop talking about console gaming. Here’s a secret, most console gamers don’t want a PC(just in case you didn’t know this)We could give two left testicles about what you guys are playing nor your monitor refresh rates, or how much you spent on a graphic card so you only hope to play that game that came out today. When the game comes out on a console I don’t ever have to worry about it not working with my console if it comes out for it(that’s so stupid to have to worry about that). So keep playing your games and let us worry about our format.