Yes my friends the iPhone 7 plus is still the hardest phone to find. Why? Isn’t that obvious? It’s the very best smartphone on the market today. It has not let me down, not one time. It’s super fast and very responsive. The interface is still the very best when it comes to sure speed and no lang.The apps are made for it and they give the users the very best version of it when compared to the android versions. The lack of a generic earphone jack I thought was going to bother me. But once again Apple was right. Once I went to bluetooth earphones I can’t ever imagine going back. And using my phone while in the bath without fear of water damage is a heaven sent. Finally, let’s not forget to remember that the accessories for this Apple lineup are far superior and diverse. You never stop finding interesting things to change things up for your iPhone. My wife is next in line to get her iPhone. Can’t wait til she gets hers and see that look on her face that I had after only a day or so with it. She’s been trying her best to avoid using my phone or looking at it because she knew she was going to want one.