Well this sometimes happens in the tech world more often than not. Ones own opinion is largely based on their experience. And your experience in a store can’t truly help ones direction. Such was learned today after I purchased the highly rated and amazing Samsung ks8000. There is a reason why everyone goes absolutely crazy over this tv. The Quantum Dot technology,Native 120hz, 4K and HDR 100 attached to a bezelless silver frame is absolutely beautiful and by far better than anything I have ever purchased in my life. Some tvs might offer small difference but this beast offer major differences from what I had. Yes I thought my Lg tv was amazing and could really compete with Samsung ( sorry I was dead wrong). I really didn’t think a tvs make up could make 4K and HDR look any better. But after witnessing what I have today I can’t go back. I was going to wait til next year to buy the Samsung 9000 series TV but this changed after reading Rting’s review on my KS8000. They really push.. that of the two, the only difference aren’t enough to request more money for. So they said buying the KS 8000 is the best deal going,so I went for it. Honestly though, before I witness this tv in action after my calibration I expected to return it. I really didn’t think it would be that much better over my LG. I was totally,utterly, stupidly wrong. This tv makes huge differences and is flat out one of the very best tvs out right now. The colors are by far the deepest and most rich I have ever seen beside OLED and the 10,000 4k Samsung tv flag ship tv. The blacks are superior, the motion is very good, and the look of a bezelless powered TV floating in front of you leaves you in heaven on earth. Even the interface is love. It so fast and well designed. It’s not overly complicated and things are right where they need to be. I love the little stuff like automatic naming of ports for hdmi items that it does. I especially am head over heels in love with this remote. The ability to be able to control every single thing in one very sexy and small remote vs having 4 separate remotes is sure bless. Playing games on this thing is so much better with this tv. The graphics details are far and away more clearer and crisper than what I have ever had. 

The WCG and the Quantum dot are the aces in the holes. Samsung truly stands out and if you think for one second that this tv won’t make a immediate difference in graphics to your set up you are as wrong as I was. Frankly I have never seen this level of detail or colors EVER in my house. I still don’t really understand how you can make colors so much more richer or 3 dimensional. It’s like a colors look almost liquid like. Do yourself a favor and listen to me now and forget what I said before. To compare a low budget 4k tv to this tv is like trying to compare a pen to a crayon. Sure the crayon is cheaper and colors but for a writing tool it just doesn’t compare to a pen. You can get away with using it like this in a pinch but no one looks at it’s quality as worthy of being used to sign documents and write papers(even though technically you could). The quality just doesn’t compare, nor does my old LG 50uh5500 compare to my new KS 8000. Now if you can’t afford this model, I totally understand and whole heartedly recommend the LG. I only urge you not to be ignorant to the fact that low cost 4k tvs can’t beat or match the higher end models and brands. “Buy cheap, buy twice”comes full circle again. I don’t know how many times I have to learn this. Don’t be like me. Don’t settle if you don’t have to! This is the very first Tv I have ever purchased that I was absolutely sure It was the best I have ever had outside and in 20 minutes after setting it up.