Have you ever walked in Best Buy and stopped to look at that beautiful Samsung, LG, Sony tv playing that beautiful 4K video on their screens? You stop and wonder why can’t my tv I have look like that. 80% of the time it’s about the way the picture quality looks not more than the case or shape of the tv. Even if you have a budget 4K Tv you wonder this because what you have at home doesn’t look like that. So what do you end up doing ? Buying another tv, right? When you do this you either still aren’t satisfied because you don’t see exactly what you saw at the store or you convince yourself that it is when deep down you know it isn’t. Some of us go to store to get the same settings or pay for calibration and still can’t get that same level. Well what you are missing is that the video played on that tv is filmed and tweaked to the point of absolutely purity of which not even 4K movies reaches regularly, much less a tv program. If you play this video on a 4K source or even a good 1080p source with even decent graphics you will be amazed at the level of details your tv shows all of sudden. In fact if you have any 4K tv and play this video I’m will to bet you will see exactly the same quality shown on the tv in store no matter the brand. It’s call a Tech demo video. It’s used to make you think that this particular brand TV is better than others simply by showing you a video that most believe looks like this ONLY because of that tv it’s playing on. 

This is my $399 lg 4K HDR 50 inch and look at the details. I haven’t done not one adjustment to any of my images. On top of this, these pictures were taken with my iPhone. It looks just like that $2000+ Samsung TV playing that demo that they play in every Best Buy store, doesn’t it? I didn’t buy anything but a PS4 pro and use YouTube to stream this very video on it and bam. Be very careful on the things they try and sell you on at the store. In most cases just because you have a lower cost 4K tv vs a $2000 4K tv, you could be looking at the same abilities mixed with brand names and hot words ultra black, zones, full array, etc, etc. 

 Your $399 4K tv just might be able to do the same thing under equal settings and sources. In fact I’m willing to bet that every video you see in the stores are pushed by that particular  source more than the Tv itself. Basically, 8-10 million colors being able to pushed by tvs doesn’t mean there is a source that can use or allow it to be properly seen. There is no movie out at stores now that can produce the colors found in this tech demo. This video (there are others) are more responsible than anything for the image you see in stores. If they put this same video on the weaker price TV you will see the same quality. Problem happens when you get home with any tv you buy. I have watched 4K movies, and played 4K games. I can tell you that this video made my tv look like a $3000 tv. But again this image can’t be reproduced this high by any other source you normally watch. 

This is the part they leave out at the stores and on websites. Although they sell you a 4K tv the image sources out there, even at 4K, can’t produce what you see on the tech demo videos they loop in stores. If you truly want to know what you will get when you get home with your brand new tv ask them to turn the station to live tv. It’s there where you will get the best view of what you will get when you get home after spending 2-3 grand. 

Date: 12/23/16 UPDATE…

Sorry everyone! I was dead wrong. Yes the video has a lot to do with the selling factors seen in stores but there is a reason why a tv is $2,000 vs $399. Make no mistake about it, tvs like Samsung’s 8000-9000 series are vastly superior. I have a KS 8000 now and really am shocked at the instant difference seen between the two.