It’s not often when things prove to be complete game chargers for me. I’m rarely a 180 on thoughts and or expectations. But this is just one of the techs toys that has done such. I know a lot of people can say things and over blow them but I assure you I am not doing this. This tv is beyond anything I have ever put into my house. It has completely renewed my faith in game trailers graphics. For years I have never been happy with what is shown on at E3 or commercials verse what is there when you get it home. Yes, I know it’s changed over the course of the months or more. And yes I’m sure they had to downscale things because of hardware limits of consoles. But I’m not just talking about that. Graphics never seem to live up to even graphics on the back of the disc box. Now I know why. The right tv and technology within it changes everything. If you for even a second think you know what your games look like in 4k or upscaled and you don’t own this tv series, 9000 series, or OLED then I promise you that you aren’t seeing what that game can look like, not even close to it. The difference is in your face and stumping hard with no apologies.

These colors and sure bright vividness of this Tv is something to behold, I promise you. I can see further through the background and things are far more clearer than it has ever been on any tv I have ever owned. The “Quantum Dot” and “1000 Nits” aren’t just buzz words. They produce real results and stand out amoung the herd. 

Samsung is to me is one of the kings of graphics on Tvs next to LG’s OLED. However until the OLED brands make quicker response times for video games the Samsung will stay my choice. In fact there are rumors of such a beast. Only problem is that if OLED already run 2 grand what will be the price tag on the newer models 3-4 grand? Even now those who have both the Lg OLED and the Ks 8000 series still have problems picking which they love better. This tells me a lot about the Samsung then. My tv regular $1799 I got for $1000. I believe that sale is over now and now it’s at a $1200 price tag. 
At the end of the day I’m very blessed beyond measure to be able to have such a thing in my possession. Yahweh has been wonderful and I do understand no all can afford some of these things I have put on my site and that’s ok. Everything and everyone has their seasons. You never know what the next day, month, or year brings especially with our new president. So live your life to the best you can, with the person and things that you can. Honor God in all things blessed and especially during times of distress. You never know what changes will happen in your life the next day. So if you can do something for yourself or others don’t always put it off.