The PS4 Pro missing piece of the puzzle is now exposed. The Pro can only be truly experienced when you have the right set up. This has been known for some time now. What hasn’t been talked about is the fact that the Pro’s graphics, as advertised, can’t be seen with budgeted tv or tvs that don’t have the proper features. 

Games like Mass Effect that is coming out next year won’t be fully recognized unless you have a high end tv and the Pro. That’s right, not the Xbox one S and a high end tv. Only the Pro and a highend tv will fully show you what the vision was for the game until Scorpio. Every blade of grass, every sun blazing sunset, or mind blowing detail that seen miles away in the background. Whatever advantage you can think to have is seen only with the best equipment. 

Games like Horizon Zero Dawn is yet another title that will show you absolute dominance in gaming for the PS4 Pro. Those that think that somehow there is no advantage seen with the Pro only think this because they have never seen the true usage of the system on the right tv or they have never seen the system in person and are judging it based on YouTube videos. I know that because while I saw a advantage before my KS 8000 arrrived I didn’t see that much difference. With the tv now that I have I truly see the difference. 

It’s truly crazy to think that a week ago my opinion about the 4k and HDR was good and I was loving things but it was out of sure ignorance. Now that I have this set up I truly see how much I truly was missing and how much was being missed with my previous budget 4k tvs. Bottom line price does matter. To be honest, why on earth should anyone expect or think that a product that is 5-7x less expensive would be able to preform that same as the more expensive. Chances are, there are always reasons why technology items are more expensive and it’s not just because of brands. More than likely something has way more quality features, and R/D than others. Not saying brands have nothing to do with it. Just saying that the name isn’t the only thing different. So until the Scorpio dawns it’s tail, the combination of the Pro and my KS 8000 is a superior experience matched only by OLEDS.