The Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever made. We have heard this since day one. The stats on paper look amazing and back up this claim. However, once you move from paper to real life results things become a little scary. In recent reports about the system it’s being confessed that the power of the Scorpio may not be evident for quiet some time. They are claiming that the ability to produce for the system to the point of showing off the benefits might not be reached in the beginning life cycle. This doesn’t make me feel very good about things. This sounds like a way to excuse the inability to make games look like the hype being pushed behind it. If this system comes out and its games can’t beat the PS4 Pro’s games clearly like Microsoft claimed it would, they are in serious trouble. Nobody is going to wait around for graphics to be better on a format that has serious 2017 trouble for games already. It’s bad enough that the games for the PlayStation side of things are plentiful and deadly but you show up with a new hardware with no good exclusives for 2017. If things don’t flip around for Microsoft it won’t matter how powerful on paper things look if you can’t deliver coming out the gates. By the time developer figure things out the ps5 will be almost ready if these news reports are true.

 I personally hope this isn’t the case. I am looking forward to competition not dominance by only one console. But if Scorpio can’t produce better looking games than the Pro I see no point in wasting money. If I was Microsoft I would produce a current 4k version of Mindcraft exclusive to Scorpio, make sure another Forza Motorsport comes out for the Scorpio’s release that looks better than Grand turismo(this is the key), Halo 6, A New Alan Wake, a Baseball game exclusive or Tennis (top notch licensed), and push some Top notch PC  Microsoft games to the console through Scorpio. If they do this they a chance at a worldwide comeback. But just added backward compatibility for the first Xbox /Xbox 360 with a console that can’t set itself apart in graphics nor exclusives isn’t going to do it. Come on Microsoft, don’t blow this.