I love it and I don’t think I’m the only one. Ronda Rowsey cockiness and bad attitude gets her yet another defeat. The woman that bought into her own hype pays the ultimate price. The one the claimed she would beat up Floy mayweather,the one getting in the face of other UFC fighting men as if she would beat them, refused to take weigh in pictures, disrespected every single woman fighting in the ring today, the woman that with less than 10 fights in the UFC was giving the title “best female athlete in the world” over Serena Williams who just broke every tennis record a woman could break basically. Yes, this woman got her butt beat yet again. No excuses, just truth. She was overhyped, she was overblown, and all it took was a few punches to level her yet again. What on earth made her think she could beat Floyd or other UFC Men fighters is beyond me. This is why I knew Cris Cyborg would destroy her. The UFC knew this too and tried to protect her. The same UFC that already counted their eggs before they hatched, setting up Holy Holmes for a title fight but yet she didn’t even win one fight this whole year. They were counting on the rematch and money. Now they have no money because there is no fight. The UFC rode Ronda’s hype way too long excusing her for press access, something they just sued Conor  Mcgregor for not doing. All the excuses, hype, and the pampering got the UFC and Ronda nowhere. She was a one trick poney who got exposed on her first loss and has paid the price again. I guess they believed they had a female Goldberg but they were seriously wrong.  I’m sure the press and the Ronda crybabies will find something to blame other than the accepting the truth. Sow it, reap it..respect the media and sport and others you face Ronda. Stop desrepecting other greats who have earned to right at the top long before you ever put on UFC gloves. Above all know that you are not invincible and above all grow up. Stop acting like the world owes you something. The spoiled pouting child routine got old, fast.. bury it. 


…. another thought into this. You know, the one thing I’m sick of seeing is bad, evil hearted people being cried over when the reaping starts. It kills me how all of sudden Ronda’s did so much for woman… yeah she sure did. She made sure every woman in UFC were called “bitches” on national tv. She direpected every single person that had the nerve to ask a question that she didn’t like. She also made sure that all the media people knew that they were beneath her. Now, all of sudden when she looses… its “poor Ronda” and crying. Poor Ronda.. a girl that looked like she didn’t belong in any ring that night got paid 3 million for it while the champion got only 100,000(What genius in Nunes camp signed for that?) with no win bonus. Where is the crying and the sorrow for the women Ronda laughed at when she won after submitted them. Where is the sorrow for the women Ronda said weren’t deserving of a hand shake? It really very interesting.