This is the look on the face of Xbox one owners. Scalebound, one of the very few AAA exclusives Microsoft was set to launch in 2017 is canceled. This isn’t great news because Microsoft is already in trouble with the PS4 lineup coming this year. As I have pointed out before the games are what defines everything. With Scorpio around the corner the biggest issue it will face will not be its release but the lack of games and ability to set themselves apart from their own Xbox one S and being truly better than the PS4 Pro out the gate. Losing game exclusives just doesn’t scream excitement about the Microsoft camp, even with 6 teraflops. As reported before developers have already started weighing in on their ability to truly make better looking games during the first release window titles. And now with the loss of one of the few AAA games they had coming, this puts even more attention to huge titles for PS4 and its Pro. This also adds to a 53 million people install base hype that developes see so much of. If this wasn’t Microsoft I would seriously think that they are about to turn belly up. The loss of Christmas and Black Friday along with a knowledge of a 53 million install base of its competitors would normal cause any investors to think twice about furthering their pursuits after such a title loss at the wake of all this. Hopefully this isn’t the case for Microsoft because I would love to see some competition. E3 is so important this year. Microsoft better find a way of delivering on some AAA titles that will take advantage of the scorpio. Without this they can almost be garanteed to lose again.